Literary Fiction

I read a lot of it these days!  Never boring, though sometimes I stop before I’m through with a book if I don’t like it.  I have learned that lightening does not strike you dead if you do that…

Now I am reading American Woman, by Susan Choi.  I love this book for the author’s ability to get into one place, say the farm where the main character Jenny, a fugitive from justice is hiding, and just STAY THERE with Jenny.  Ms. Choi understands and perceives so many details, both exterior and interior, and the links between them.  This is a quiet style of writing, which I admire very much.

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  1. Michael Kaye

    Congrats on your blog!

  2. barbararhine

    Take a look at the latest entry, “Musings of a Red Diaper Baby,” if you want to know part of what makes this non-conformist writer tick…

    1. Walter Riley

      Thanks for your blog. More responses and critical discussion of the attempts to dismiss the contributions of the left is needed. The impact of the left in the U. S. and world can not be simply quantified by the number of people involved.

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