Chris Rock can act!


Which might not have been too evident from the list of his movies before now.  And so can Julie Delpy.  Remember her from those two wonderfully-wordy love stories, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset?

Well, it’s worth catching both of them in 2 Days in New York, even if by now you have to get it on Netflix.  The movie gives us a refreshing love story between a black man and white (French) woman, with all the stereotypes reversed.  (Hint:  it’s the French family that’s louche; the black guy who’s clean.)    Delpy, who directed the movie and cast her own dad in it, claims 2 Days in New York is NOT primarily about race, and says that she knows lots of interracial couples for whom race isn’t that big a deal.

But think about it.  How many movies have you seen to this day that feature an interracial couple at the core of a full love story?  And how many of those involve a black man and white woman?  And in how many of those does no one die or deal drugs?  The numbers get smaller with each answer, no?

Well, everything on that list is true for 2 Days in New York.  It’s funny, but not just a comedy; entertaining, yet deeper than that; touching, but not maudlin.  Check it out, and let me know if you agree.

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  1. Michael Furstenberg

    I will try to see this movie, though I found Delpy’s previous two films self conscious and forced — and not nearly as romantic as I was supposed to feel. Too bad: I love Paris and loved the backdrop of the movie. But you are right about interracial romances: even as race has become a more open topic in film, there has been remarkably little serious attention given to its more intimate themes. We are not there yet, perhaps.

  2. barbararhine

    Movies are like literature. There is simply no accounting for taste, and no–great minds do NOT always think alike! Still, I love the rub of the interchange. Re race, we are making progress, right? In about 5000 years, everything gonna be okay…

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