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A House that Looks Good

A Good House?

The Good House, by Ann Leary.  A fine and funny and readable portrait of a sixty-something single psychic-descended-from-witches real estate agent in New England.  She vies with corporate brokers, her grown children, her friends and neighbors, new and old loves.  Throughout all this, she describes in detail her love for alcohol.

And no, of course, she tells us–she is not an alcoholic.  Except that she is.  But instead of  alcoholism as grim disaster a la Days of Wine and Roses,  it is part-time craziness that alternates with the keen pleasure of imbibing, all of which is refreshing, so to say, but still adds up to a train-wreck of a life.

Plus, there is Rebecca, the wealthy young married-to-a-rich-guy woman who falls in love with a married psychiatrist; there is Frankie, the town junker who can get anything done; and and there is  nude swimming and sailing and lobster-trapping and nature in a New England the author clearly knows and loves.

It all sounds a bit bathetic and soap opera-y as I write this out, but there is genuine depth here about life beyond sixty.  Check this book out, ladies and gents of a certain age.  I predict you will be amused, and even a bit enlightened.

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  1. mary Borevitz

    ok, ok, i will check it out and see if i can order it to read on my ipad, my favorite way to read now. such big print and lighted behind no less!!

    1. Rochelle Dineen

      Thanks for thinking of me. I too will check it out. Sounds Fun. Rochelle

      1. barbararhine

        Oh Rochelle, I think of you often and value your insights. And what a party you just gave, you sixty-year-old healthy person, you!

  2. Nancy Boswell

    I think it sounds wonderful. Thanks. N B

    1. barbararhine

      Hi Nance,
      If you read it, let me know your reaction, okay? I would love to get your reaction.

  3. barbararhine

    Wow, you have switched to digital reading from books. My kids gave me a Nook, but I haven’t even used it yet, though I plan to, the next time I take a long trip. But I get my books from the library by putting holds on them online, and then I have them in my hands! Not sure when or if I will make the transition, but it sounds like the ipad is the way to find out.

  4. Teresa Burns Gunther

    Sounds like an interesting read!

    1. barbararhine

      Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for checking in. If you ever want to drink wine (uh oh, given the nature of the book I just posted ) and talk books again, let me know!

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