A Movie About Climate Change

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD … is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen!  A remnant of Louisiana culture resists mandatory evacuation from the part of the state that is sinking back into the sea.  Our six-year old heroine, Hush Puppy, understands...
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Message from the Edge

Daily Life in the Third Reich Hans Fallada, in Every Man Dies Alone, takes us into the moment-to-moment reality of life in Berlin, 1942, when Hitler is claiming victory in France, but bombs are starting to fall in the city.  This is not a book about...
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A Tale of Two Thrillers, or What to Read on Vacation

Vacations are for mysteries, at least in my life, so recently I have read two thrillers: “The Expats,” by Chris Pavone, and “Mission Song,” by John Le Carre. It’s not easy to compare favorably to Le Carre, who is a master...
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Literary Fiction

I read a lot of it these days!  Never boring, though sometimes I stop before I’m through with a book if I don’t like it.  I have learned that lightening does not strike you dead if you do that… Now I am reading American Woman, by Susan...
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